Concussions Can Happen to Anyone Even to a Child

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A concussion is a kind of traumatic brain injury. Although it can be serious, its effects are often temporary and not life-threatening. Effects include issues with concentration, coordination, balance, and memory as well as headaches. Concussions can occur for all kinds of reasons such as a fall on the playground, a bike crash or while playing sports.

It is imperative to know that if a child experiences a concussion, he is likely to get another one. And the second concussion is often more severe. That is why parents must know what they have to look out for following a blow to the head to prevent more serious damage.

Signs to Look Out For

Unlike a bruise or cut, concussions are not visible on the outside. People can easily miss them, especially early on if outward signs are not present. Symptoms of concussion can be visible a few days or weeks following an injury. Parents who believe that their kid may have a concussion must look for signs such as clumsy movement, forgetfulness shown when given instructions, confusion on what is happening, stunned or dazed look, loss of consciousness, and behavior changes or mood swings. In addition, if the kid is old enough, he may tell his parents he is experiencing the following.

  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Feeling pressure in the head or headache
  • Nausea
  • Memory issues or confusion
  • Balance issues or dizziness
  • Blurry vision or fuzzy
  • Sleep changes
  • Feeling irritable, anxious, or nervous

In case the child experiences any of the cited symptoms, it is imperative to see a doctor immediately. Before doing a physical exam, the doctor will ask about the injury. The strength, reflexes, memory, balances, and senses of the child may be tested. Depending upon the findings, the doctor may order medical exams like a CT scan.

Concussion Treatments

In case of a mild concussion, rest may be the way to go. This means no late nights, no sleepovers, and keeping to a regular schedule. Also, rest includes a mental time out. Thus, the child must not use electronic devices such as a cellphone or computer. The physician will monitor the child and inform the parents when he can perform normal activities again or go back to school. Parents don’t have to wake their child throughout the night following a head injury.

In rare cases, a blood clot is likely to form on the brain, increasing pressure in the area against the child’s skull. This is a life threatening case and needs immediate treatment. The child must be brought to the emergency room if he shows signs as follows:

  • Has seizures or convulsions
  • Cannot wake up or looks quite drowsy
  • One pupil is bigger than the other.
  • Has unusual behavior
  • Is getting more agitated, confused, or restless
  • Has slurred speech
  • Vomits
  • Won’t eat
  • Continuous cry that can’t be consoled
  • Losses consciousness
  • Complaints continuous headache

What to Take into Account

In case the child is hurt during a physical activity, he must not continue to play if a concussion is happening. Kids who return to the activity before the full healing of the brain may experience another concussion. Repeated concussions can have serious long-term issues that include memory, concentration, permanent brain damage, and headache. Future Pharmacy, an online drug store in Howell New Jersey, wants to say that parents must always wait until the doctor says the child can return to his sports game.
It is important to prevent another concussion. If the child plays sport, parents must tell his coach about a previous concussion. They need to ensure their child follows all of the game’s safety rules. Kids should wear a proper protective gear that include helmets which fit properly and are well-maintained if the child plays sports or rides skateboards or bikes. But, parents must remember that helmets are not concussion-proof. Kids must always avoid getting their head hit during their game.

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