Before you Buy: What You Should Know About Herbal Medicines


Seniors are often inevitably subjected to multiple medications including herbal medicines. What makes herbal medicines different from OTCs and prescriptions is that its active ingredients are primarily plant-based. This means that plant parts such as roots, leaves, flowers, and other parts are deemed useful and beneficial to human health.

Future Pharmacy, a trusted online drug store in Howell New Jersey, believes that herbal medicines should not also be taken lightly. Its effect on a person’s body is similar to those of OTCs and prescriptions that can harm your body if used incorrectly.

If you or your elderly loved ones are planning to add herbal medicine in their daily diet, then you have to consider the following ideas:

Learn more on your selected herbal medicines
There may be little evidence and studies on the efficacy of herbal medicines but there are a number of people who find them helpful. Seniors would often prefer herbal medicines based on a traditional use than prescriptions that are based on scientific research.

It is advisable for your elderly loved ones to consider its usefulness and efficacy equated to the worth of possible medical interactions in the process. If you really want herbal medications to be part of your medicinal regimen, consult your primary care physician.

If you want to ensure safety, look for the Traditional Herbal Registration (THR) trademark on the product packaging. This basically means the herbal medicine has undergone and passed quality standards in terms of safety and manufacturing. Most THR products are anticipated for self-medication. Avoid replacing your prescriptions with herbal medicine since this could be very harmful.

However, a THR mark does not always mean that the product is 100% safe. It would be best to buy from a legitimate drug store with good reviews from your loved ones, friends, and their clients.

Check on your loved ones’ current medications to avoid drug interaction
Since herbal medicines are still drugs that could provide effects in the body, its efficacy may somehow vary if someone already has a set of medications for their current condition. Older people have been reportedly known to take multiple medications as they get older to suffice their physiological needs.

However, the most common reason as to why it is somewhat potentially harmful is the possibility of drug interactions in one’s body. The prescriptions might intensify or reduce the herbal medicines’ efficacy or vice-versa. If the effect does not happen as presumed, then it can be very harmful to the body in general given that seniors are already very susceptible to damage.

Should you or your elderly loved ones experience adverse reactions or side effects, never forget to mention the medicines you have taken including the herbal medicines. It is imperative to include all the details to be able to get a precise diagnosis on your condition.

Make sure their herbal medicines are legitimate and regulated
Herbal medicines are often easier to buy than OTCs because remedies that are often specially prepared for specific individuals may not need a license; plus, if you plan to buy medicines that are outside your country, make sure they are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Beware of bogus herbal medicine providers that may endanger your life. It is very common for older people to get victimized on herbal medicines that are fake, unlicensed, substandard, and contaminated medicines fronted by bogus doctors and pharmacists. The side effects could be very fatal.

Avoid herbal medicine if you are about to undergo surgery or operation
Experts believe that it is very important to tell your doctor about any herbal medicines that you had taken before your operation. This is because some herbal medicines may interfere with anesthesia and other treatments that will be used in the whole process of the operation and it may interfere with blood production before and after surgery. Typically, doctors often advise to let you stop taking herbal medications.

For more information and assistance with herbal medicines, call Future Pharmacy, a dependable online drug store in Howell New Jersey! We provide the finest quality of medications for you and your elderly loved ones! We also want to hear from you! Leave your comments and suggestions below!

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