What Nutrients and Vitamins Should Elders Maintain?


Seniority is the time when all human beings get white hair, weak bones and teeth, aging skin, and low memory. These are common among elders since it is a natural process of aging. But, these signs of aging prevent them from enjoying their golden years.

The signs may be natural, but there are still ways to prevent them from getting weaker like eating nutrient-rich food. Another way is to take vitamins. Here are essential vitamins they need to take:

  • Iron

    Do your elders often suffer from fatigue? We bet they have iron deficiency. They will need iron to prevent complications. Else, they will have insufficient red blood cells that transport oxygen in their body.

  • Calcium

    Do they have osteoporosis or arthritis? They need to take calcium. Calcium is best for building healthier and stronger bones. Elders who suffer or who are at risk of bone loss must maintain it every day. They can drink Calcium Citrate or eat foods rich in calcium such as dairy products. It’s one way to strengthen and build more bones.

  • Vitamin D

    When there’s calcium, there should be Vitamin D, too. Without it, they suffer from insufficient calcium absorption. It contributes to weaker bones. They can get Vitamin D by exposing their skin to the sun (but not too much), taking supplements, or by having a healthy diet.

  • Vitamin B12

    Some experts show that low Vitamin B12 intake increases the risk of dementia or memory loss, especially for vegetarian elders. Why? Because Vitamin B12 is mostly found in fishes, meats, and poultry. Having Vitamin B12 deficiency can also result in anemia because it is used by all the cells in their body.

  • Lycopene

    Low lycopene increases the risk of plaque build-up in the arterial walls. It leads to heart attack, cardiac arrest, stroke, and other cardiovascular diseases. Otherwise, if they’re rich in lycopene, complications might happen less. Lycopene can be found in fruits and vegetables such as tomato. Elders are prone to heart complications. Hence, lycopene is a good start for them to prevent such diseases.

Before listing planned activities, make sure your seniors are healthy and active. Bring their supplements to improve their health. It’s one way for them to have the energy to enjoy their golden years. Be healthy, take vitamins daily. Buy reliable medicines here at Future Pharmacy, a pharmacy in East Windsor NJ. You can also ask our pharmacists for assistance. We also offer various vitamins from a trusted Pharmacy in Old Nridge NJ. You can visit us at 680 Route 33 East, Suite 8, East Windsor, NJ 08520. We currently operate three convenient locations in Howell, Old Bridge, and East Windsor. You can reach us at 609-632-2170 for queries.


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