Why Immunization Is Safe and Healthy

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With the rising advent of people getting common diseases such as measles, chicken pox, and some types of flu, the number of people getting these diseases increases in varying rates.

Vaccination is one of the many ways to combat these illnesses by preventing them to even infect the system. However, not everyone has been immunized. Others have their doubts about vaccines because of the possible and apparent risks and threats they might pose.

Here are some reasons why getting vaccinated is completely safe and pose no danger to anyone, even children.

  • Vaccines are safe for the body

    When viruses such as measles enter your body, they attack your lungs and can cause pneumonia. However, vaccines contain a weakened and controlled form of a virus that passes through of the body safely doing little to nothing to it.

    Once a patient is injected with vaccine, the vaccine passes through the blood stream activating the immune system and it allows the white blood cells to learn how to protect the body from the actual disease if it ever enters the body.

  • Vaccines contain no toxins or harmful substance

    You might’ve read or heard somewhere that vaccines use some toxins like mercury as its ingredients. That might’ve been true a few decades ago and even then it was a nontoxic variant of mercury. In today’s time, vaccines no longer contain or have any traces of mercury at all.

  • Vaccines help prevent the spread of diseases

    While vaccines don’t totally eradicate the disease, they work with helping the society by preventing the spread of the disease. By being immunized, you are safe from being infected with the disease and disseminating it to the general public which in turn also makes them safe and protected from the same disease and spreading it just the same.

  • Vaccines don’t cause autism or any mental disorders

    There are almost little to no evidence that vaccines cause autism or mental disorders of any kind. A vaccine ingredient, specifically thimerosal which is a mercury-based preservative, has been studied thoroughly. It was concluded by most studies to have no link to autism, especially right now when this ingredient has already been removed from all modern vaccines except for some flu vaccines and even then it only contains a small dosage.

Preventing the disease is always better than curing it. Getting immunized for common and potent illnesses is one way to prevent the disease from ever infecting you or the people who surround you. Future Pharmacy is here to help you along the way.

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