Generics and Brand Name Medications: The Low Down

generic drugs

When you are looking for medications, you will find two different kinds, the generic meds and the brand name drugs. Both of these medications can help you maintain and improve your health, but one is a lot more affordable than the other. Generic drugs are far more affordable compared to their brand name counterparts and here are some of the reasons why:

  1. Development Costs

    When companies produce brand name medications, they have to spend millions upon millions just to develop the medication. Creating a new drug is not easy and it is most definitely not cheap. There is a lot of money that goes through testing, coming up with prototypes, and making sure that it is safe and effective to use. For companies that produce brand name medications, they need to charge extra for their products just to return back the money that they invested when developing the drug.

  2. Copying

    Development costs are something that generic meds do not have to worry about. When you are at a Drugstore in Howell New Jersey and you are looking to save some money, generics are always a good way to go. Even though they are a copy of the brand name version, it does not mean they are inferior. The only reason they are so much more affordable is that they do not have to worry about any investment costs because there are none.

  3. Effective

    Generic medications are just as safe and just as effective as their brand name cousins. This is great when you are looking for affordable over-the-counter medications to combat an illness you may have.

The next time you are at a Neighborhood Pharmacy in East Windsor New Jersey such as Future Pharmacy, try out our generic drugs to save some money. Stop spending a fortune on medication today because through the use of generic meds, you can get the same results without having to spend a fortune because health is something that shouldn’t be expensive to maintain.


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