Combating Alcohol Dependence the Herbal Way

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In the global arena, alcohol is considered to be the fifth leading risk factor of early deaths and disability. In the United States alone, there are an estimated 37,000 youths that are receiving treatment for alcohol abuse in various facilities throughout the country. This presents an economic burden for the country and a problem at the family level. Alcohol dependence is essentially growing, and the embarrassment and stigma attached to it has even made the problem more complex. The shame and guilt make the people afflicted to shun the different treatment options available.

However, there are available over-the-counter herbal supplements, which can be purchased readily, that are deemed to be effective in addressing alcohol dependence. There are three popular herbal supplements which are perfect treatment options for those who have been suffering from the clutches of alcohol. These are: St. John’s wort, ashwagandha, and kudzu.

These herbal supplements are believed to help combat alcohol addiction, and pharmacists know it all too well. In fact, neighborhood Pharmacy in East Windsor New Jersey are conducting familiarization training of these herbal medicines to the staff in order to easily aid those who have been suffering from alcohol abuse and help them get a good understanding about the efficacy of the use of the drugs and management in combating the possible adverse effects.

The Herbal Supplements:

  1. Ashwagandha

    This herb is popular in Ayurvedicc medicine, and that it is seen as effective treatment for those people who want to overcome their cravings of alcohol. It helps those who are suffering from withdrawal symptoms too. The anxiolytic effect that the plant has is touted to be what helps decrease alcohol cravings.

  2. Kudzu

    There’s a lot of advertising going on regarding the effectiveness of kudzu in terms of helping people cut back from binge drinking alcohol. Research has shown that it inhibits the clearance of acetyldehyde, and thus decreases alcohol cravings. This is the reason why it is also called as an aversion agent by most pharmacists. There are even groups of scientists which likens the herb to the drug Antabuse (which is the drug of choice prescribed for those wanting to wean away from drinking too much alcohol) because they have the same action and efficacy.

  3. St. John’s Wort

    This is possibly the most familiar herbal supplement that pharmacists know about. Although unapproved, but it is widely used to treat depression. In fact, it is considered to be a supplement necessary for detoxification, and has now been found effective in managing alcohol dependence. There are studies that link the effectiveness of the supplement in terms of combating the problems of depression, and so far, positive outcomes have come into the picture.

When you intend to use these drugs, it is imperative that you seek consults with pharmacists so you get an idea about how they effectively work to lessen your alcohol dependency. Pharmacists from Future Pharmacy are very much adept in giving health teaching regarding the different herbal supplements you can take. The best part is that there are three convenient locations you can easily go to whenever you have troubles and hesitations about the medicines and supplements that you have with you. You can go to Howell, East Windsor, and Old Bridge in New Jersey to get pharmacist’s inputs about these herbal supplements.


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